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Why consider a standard solution for your Online Catalog?

Build & Manage Online Product Catalogs Without I.T.

ProductWorld is the Online Catalog builder for marketers. Designed to let you create and manage your online catalog without having to rely on IT, web developers or custom software. Plus we add analytics and capture sales leads enabling your sales team to get in front customers armed with their Product requirements faster than your competitors.

Analytics You Control

Google Analytics is great for telling you WHAT but tells you less about WHO and WHICH PRODUCT. ProductWorld analytics gets your sales team in front prospects and customers armed with their product requirements faster than your competitors.

NO Custom Software

Most Online Catalogs use custom software or customized B2C eCommerce software . Custom software quickly goes out of date, is expensive to maintain and doesn’t improve over time. With ProductWorld you get upgrades and new features as standard. 

Publish as Web and Mobile Apps

You get branded catalog apps for integration into your website. Plus branded iPhone, iPad and Android apps released on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

PDF Files are Fine to a Point

PDF catalogs are good at displaying your product range in a legible page format. But for buyers trying to choose products, PDF files do not work.  ProductWorld solves this problem by enabling buyers to search for your product using features not page numbers.

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